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What is Civil and Environmental Engineering?

September 18, 2021 Texas A&M Podcast Network
Texas A&M Engineering SoundBytes
What is Civil and Environmental Engineering?
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What is civil and environmental engineering? Learn about the Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Texas A&M University and hear directly from students in the program. 

Tessa Miller:

To be honest, I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to major in, I kind of looked at what my hobbies were, what classes I enjoyed. And I came across civil engineering in the process. And the more I looked into, I realize it really had a lot of features that I liked about it, such as like it had a technical side as well as a creative side to it. So like on the technical side, it's very heavy in your math and physics concepts, which happened to be my favorite classes in high school. So that was a major plus. And then on the creative side, you're literally designing something to meet a need, you know, whether that's a site plan for a new fast food restaurant, a new stadium structural system, or even pipe networks that drain roadways when it's raining, it's an opportunity to use creativity to solve problems, which I really liked. The potential that Civil and Environmental Engineering has is you can change lives literally, which is pretty cool. And to add to that it's a major part of civil engineering is bringing safety to the environment that you're living in. So you think about there's there's so much research and in civil engineering that goes towards natural disasters and making buildings more resilient towards them. And you can't control when or where natural disasters occur. But you can help equip society with you know, giving them a better chance of survival in situations like that, which I think is a really cool part of it. Hi, I'm testing Miller and I'm going to be a senior going into the Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. And I'm on the structural track with civil engineering at A&M.

Hannah Conrad:

The Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is home to two incredible programs, which are seeking to make a lasting impact on the world around us. The department's graduates are world changers, making the world safer, more productive and more enjoyable. More than 50% of Texas civil engineers are former students of the department's program. Graduates start their careers with an average starting salary of $65,000, or an 85% grad school acceptance or job offer rate at graduation. Our graduates are highly recruited and widely regarded as the most work ready young engineers in the country. A degree in civil and environmental engineering gives students the tools to work in a variety of industries around the world, including transportation, infrastructure, energy, materials and manufacturing, geotechnical, water resources, and coastal.

Alex Ramirez:

Howdy, my name is Alex Ramirez, student veteran here within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering here at Texas A&M University. So civil engineering has a lot of different aspects to it. One of the things that really drew me in was just the diversity of what I can do with that degree. My junior year I in high school, I applied to Texas A&M University. I did not get accepted, so I joined the United States Marine Corps. as a 1371 combat engineer. I served as a sergeant all up to four years in Camp Pendleton, California. I had a lot of leadership, who will kind of, you know, drew the balance between you know, what I did in the military to what civil engineers do. Kind of one of the one of the analogies I tell people is, like, I learned how to blow up a bridge before I even went on to build one. And, you know, that's kind of what drew me into civil engineering, just the amount of like, things I already knew about it. And you know, and that's when that's when I decided to reapply for Texas A&M University after I went through the Warrior Scholars Project in 2018 here. Becasue of some credits already had I had to do the Engineering Academy. I finally was able to transfer over and, you know, I did learn a lot about civil engineering, definitely learned about, you know, the ways that civil engineers and helps society, it's not just building structures, it's, you know, building sanitary sewers, you know, to stay healthy and clean. It's getting water to cities, it's a lot more than just structures and roadways. And that's what kind of kept me within the department and definitely now you know, it's interesting to see you know, what we can do with civil engineering.

Steve Kuhlmann:

Learn more about the Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering by visiting engineering.tamu.edu/civil