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What is Aerospace Engineering?

September 25, 2021 Texas A&M Podcast Network
Texas A&M Engineering SoundBytes
What is Aerospace Engineering?
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What is aerospace engineering? Learn about the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University and hear directly from students in the program. 

Marco Peredo:

Yeah, so, I grew up with a lot of influences about outer space. My, my parents taught me about astronomy and I grew up with a lot of sci fi. And I think when I came into careers, aerospace engineering just seemed like a no brainer. You know, I decided I wanted to be doing designing space shuttles, right. That's what, as a kid, that's what I wanted to do. Interstellar travel, that's the dream, right? And on top of that, I always like learning like intricate things, right and aerospace engineering has no shortage of like complex stuff for you to wrap your head around. The field of aerospace engineering so much vaster than people realize, right? We tend to think about planes and rockets when we think aerospace, but sometimes we forget that it also deals with anything airborne, but also satellites and rovers. I had found myself working recently and rover projects, which is something I hadn't even thought about when I applied for the major. Howdy, my name is Marco Peredo. I'm class of 2023 and I'm a member of aerospace engineering at Texas A&M University.

Hannah Conrad:

From commercial flights to space exploration, the excitement and growth in the aerospace field is truly inspiring. And there's a clear need for many highly motivated engineers and scientists. Aerospace engineering at Texas A&M is rising to the challenge, and our program remains near the top in the nation with our graduates highly recruited by industry, national labs, government and academia. With some of our entrepreneurial minded graduates deciding to start their own endeavors. The median pay for an aerospace engineer in 2020 was more than$118,000, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The aerospace engineering program provides a launchpad into this technologically advanced field by allowing students to design build and fly airplanes, rockets, helicopters and space missions, while providing hands on research experience with faculty in space exploration, national defense, communications and sustainable energy. working hand in hand with faculty, our students participate in cutting edge research in our state of the art facilities, including wind tunnels, a flight simulator, virtual reality lab, and the National Aerothermalchemistry and Hypersonics Lab.

Bethany Hansen:

Howdy, my name is Bethany Hanson and I am a senior in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M. Just there's a lot of opportunities these days in aerospace that just simply were not there before. There's a lot of things that are being accomplished now that weren't before, for example, like Mars rover that just happened. That was a really cool experience to be able to watch that, while not work for an aerospace company. Same thing with the different SpaceX launches that are happening. So you just have a lot of government involvement and you have private involvement, which hasn't really been a thing of the past for aerospace. And then at the university itself. There's just all different kinds of labs that you can be a part of, and design teams as well. And then when I was looking at the College of Engineering at Texas A&M, I was just really impressed with the research that I saw and everyone that I met was really they're all very welcoming. And I actually got into the honors programs that added another community that I can be a part of and Texas A&M.

Steve Kuhlmann:

Learn more about the aerospace engineering department by visiting engineering.tamu.edu/aerospace